Lisa Day bird watching

Lisa Day: Bird Watching

Lisa Day’s metaphor of bird watching challenges her to be attentive, engaged and curious. She is comfortable with long pauses, waiting for students to show up. She learns from them rather than only imposing her ideas and information.

Sarah Shannon Kayaking

Sarah Shannon: Boat Keel

Clinical ethics teacher, Sarah Shannon uses a boat keel as her metaphor. Forming a keel is integral to the formation of a student’s ethical comportment in practice. It keeps them from capriciously changing, veering off into conflicting or multiple directions at once. She teaches by examples, active dialogue, and asking questions, so that students learn to navigate …

Diane Pestolesi coaching volleyball

Diane Pestolesi: Coaching

Diane Pestolesi’s metaphor is being a coach. This opens up possibilities for situated teaching and learning in actual clinical practice.  She asks questions, assesses students’ approaches and practical understandings, and offers situated coaching.

Beyond the “Banking and Sage on Stage Metaphors” for teaching learning: Metaphors and Teachers who Foster Discovery and Transformational Learning

Patricia Benner, R.N., Ph.D., FAAN Copyright August 15, 2019 Metaphors can inspire reflection, exploration, and articulation of approaches to teaching and learning. Paulo Friere (1970; 2000) critiqued the dominant “banking metaphor” for teaching and learning. By banking metaphor, he meant teaching students as if they are passive, empty bank accounts into which the teacher’s goal is to …