Dr. Benner & Dr. Chan on Rapid clinical reasoning in a clinical crisis

A Rich First-Person Narrative Account of Rapid Clinical Reasoning, Situational Awareness and Situated Thinking in action.

Dr. Garrett Chan provides a clinical example from his own practice as an expert Emergency Department Nurse. Please reflect on the nature of his clinical reasoning, his situational awareness, and his rapid mobilization of the surgical team, as well as how he considered the significance of informing the wife of how critically ill and at risk for dying her husband was prior to surgery. Dr. Chan made it possible for the wife to have a meaningful last opportunity to speak with her husband before he went into surgery.  This narrative provides a rich example of how important it is to learn directly from such practice narratives to enrich our clinical imagination, articulate knowledge embedded in practice and make the significance of rapid clinical reasoning in an acute situation.

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video shot on site and at the courtesy of UNLV School of Nursing

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